Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt #1

We had so much fun with Jessica and James here - more to come on that.
Easter was so much fun to spend with family.
McCall enjoyed the hunt - at least until she found an egg and opened it.
Then she was done.
The first one she had found was split open and the jelly beans had spilled out.
She quickly snatched up the jelly beans and with her little hands full was eating them as quickly as she could.
I went to get a picture.
I told her - "oh look, the Easter Bunny pooped."
She promptly threw down the jelly beans and moved on to another egg.

 Tate was all about the quantity of eggs.
Connor was happy to fill his basket then share with his sister.
Gage had a hard time deciding which way to run - he'd pick up a few in the stash then move to the next one.
Shouting all the while for his brothers to slow down!
 James and Ryan just looked on.
They knew they could pilfer the kids baskets without any effort.
So there they sat.

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