Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mount Vernon in April ... Lovely!

We love Mt. Vernon and were so excited to take Jessica and James.
Of course, Flat Stanley made the trek with us as well.
He has been to a lot of fun places.

 Our first stop was to visit Lady Washington.
She was absolutely charming to visit with.
She told us many stories about her and the General's life.
She allowed for any question.
Connor waited very patiently to ask something.
"How long was General Washington gone from Mt. Vernon during the Revolutionary War? And who took care of his farms while he was away?"
SIX YEARS! He was gone for 6 years! Only stopping in once as the army was literally marching right past.
Wow. That is committment.
His cousin took care of things while he was away.
But no one took care of things like the General and everything was in disrepair when he returned and had to start again from square one.

 The grounds are absolutely beautiful.
Trees that George Washington planted himself are still there.
He kept immaculate records, with detail about everything.
Which tree he planted where and when.
Each field and which crops it had been planted in for how many years.
The rotation schedule for crops.
Which slave had which blanket, etc.
He didn't miss a thing.

 We decided to eat there before leaving and a fun thing happened.
Tate finally lost his very first tooth!
He is almost done first grade and his first tooth just came out!

He told me afterwards that his goal is to lose all his teeth at Mt. Vernon.
Oh, the grand dreams of youth.


Summer said...

Is that a BOB REVOLUTION stroller I see? We just got one. LOVE IT!

kguiness said...

Both Taryn and Carter lost their first tooth at the end of 1st grade! We'll see about nater......more likely it'll get knocked out!

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