Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend of BESTS!

Ryan and I had the BEST time in New York City.
We were with the BEST people.
Eating the BEST food.
Enjoying the BEST that NY has to offer.

 It kind of turned out to be a foodie trip.
We wandered the streets of NYC and made our plans around meal times.
It was most enjoyable.
Brent conquered his small sandwich.

 I ordered something small off the menu - so I could have dessert.
Unfortunately it was this huge egg salad sandwich, which was delicious.
And I still had to have dessert.

 Ryan ordered this small plate of ribs.
 And Luci had this tiny piece of fabulous cheesecake -
We all had to help her finish it.
 We stayed at Times Square.
Enjoyed watching the crazy people and street performers.

Chinatown, Little Italy, Central Park, the Met, Ground Zero Museum.
It was all so much fun and I can't wait to do it again!
And thanks to Brent and Ryan who let us do all the things we wanted to do!


Jill said...

I didn't know you went with those guys! How fun! And I think every trip should be planned around eating...or life in general.

Lains said...

I didn't know you blogged about our fabulous trip until I ran into somebody here that read about it! It was fun for us to re-live it tonight. Thank you for being so accommodating. We loved every minute spent in your company. The food was delicious, the friendships precious :). Miss you!