Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I enjoy a good laugh!

Last July we had family pictures done.
As I was perusing them I found this one.
I think it's my favorite.
Mostly because of the memories involved.
I especially love Lani's face here, shocked yet again at her wonderful and funny daughter-in-laws!

I miss laughing with all you girls.
But I laughed with you tonight as I saw this!
Thanks for the laugh.


Jessica Hall said...

haha i miss you. i bet there was an inappropriate comment here because mom's face says it all.

TL said...

There for sure was an inappropriate comment made, or maybe 2 or 3 of them! ha ha I love that picture too and I so miss you! Thanks for posting it thought because it's making me laugh just looking at it and remembering that day! :)

Michelle said...

I love all of these girls! We do enjoy being sisters, don't we?