Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A reminder to myself ...

I love this little girl.
But she has been hard to deal with lately.
Continuous whining.
Throwing fits.
Temper tantrums.
Complete and utter meltdowns.
Screaming fits of rage.
Ultimate stubbornness!
I don't even know where to start.

 Terrible two's?
I don't think so.
I think she is just so spoiled and stubborn.
Emotional basket case.
 How dare I let her sippy cup be empty.
Or her purse zipper get stuck.
It's the end of the world to be told NO.
Even in the most gentle terms.
 I think she wants to ensure her station at the end of the family.
She wants to make sure that she can and will always be the baby.
She wants to break me down and bend my will to hers.
I've been on the brink of just that so very many times.
But it turns out, I'm a pretty stubborn old girl myself.
And that may just be the only thing that will save her from herself.
But then I pull out the camera ...
And her entire demeanor changes.
She's an entirely different animal.
I think I'll attach it to me permanently.
Because I like this little girl so much better.

Can a two year old be bi-polar?


Lauri said...

Feel for you, but dang, those are cute pictures. Are you SURE she's doing all those things?
You're doing great, Kara. Keep the camera out at all times and remember she won't always be (or act like she's)two. Yay for that!

10300623 said...

I believe she misses me and will find her center when we visit in May.

Jessica Hall said...

like dad said...i will come and fix everything! only a few more weeks :)

Mindy Gulbranson said...

She is so so cute. I loved the way you wrote your post. Clever. I felt the same way with Gavyn and his two year old ways. He was also very stubborn. His milk had to be in a certain cup and everything had to be just the way he wanted it. I'm happy to say he has grown out of most of his two year old ways. But boy was he ever Stubborn. Good Luck.

Michelle said...

I love this princess! I think she has an entire extended family that helped "ruin" her. Keep taking lots of pictures!

Janelle said...

OH glad I am that I read this post at this very moment. I'm struggling with the EXACT same drama with Ryker and it is making ME a basket case. I keep thinking "Where did I go wrong." Seriously, the WHOLE world is over if he doesn't get his way and a stubborn mom going at it with her stubborn 3 year old every minute just seems so ridiculous. Will it ever end?

Lia said...

Hahahaha!! I may be her mother, but I think Kowhai's a pretty special girl. She's kind, looks out for others, works hard....yadayadayada. But what a lot of people don't know, she gave us a run for our money when she was small!! She had a stubborn mom too. I like to think that her difficult years are behind us and the teen years will be sweet!! McCall's will be too!

gaddis said...

Hahahaha! Just wait until she's a tween!! Hair, makeup, perfume, attitude... Obsessed with clothes. Luckily HATES Justin Bieber. I LOVE girls... Fun and challenging and if you team up together, all that testosterone in your house won't stand a chance! And don't forget "The man is the head of the household but the woman is the neck and she controls the head". So little McCall is just in training for womanhood :)

Anonymous said...

It's a girl thing, Kara...a little girl with 3 brothers has to make herself heard somehow ;) We are in the next phase of life with our little girl with 3 brothers... tween!!!! It's GREAT, but does come with emotional breakdowns that the boys never had! Sure is fabulous to have a shopping partner though...she especially likes to shop for accesories :) Easier days are coming if you remain consistant :)