Friday, March 11, 2011

Senate and Capitol Tour

We took a day off of school to take the kids in to DC to get a tour of the Senate office and the Capitol.
I thought it was a good reason to miss.
They were so excited to finally see where Dad works.
But they were more excited to have the chance to ride the underground train from the Senate Offices to the Capitol.
Does it get any better than that?
McCall paid no attention to the tour, just the camera.

We joined the Elders on a tour - so fun to see Elder Davie from South Jordan!
The boys enjoyed seeing the cornerstone of the building laid by
George Washington himself.
McCall didn't care at all about the cornerstone, but she saw a photo op.
Gage got tired of the tour and joined the posing.

Connor and Tate in the old Supreme Court Chamber.
They loved all the facts and history.
Mostly because it passes off Cub Scout requirements!

McCall outside the Old Supreme Court Chamber.

We were able to find both statues donated by Utah - good old Brigham Young
 and Farnsworth (inventor of the television).

We had to get some pictures with Elder Davie to send home to his mother!


Janelle said...

Your family is SO cute! Gage cracks me up with all his poses, and Ryker has that same shirt. Love it. Glad you are having so much fun adjusting. Have you found some new running or basketball buddies?!

Lauri said...

Cute kids! They've all already grown too much. Stop it, but keep having fun.

The Nielson Family said...

You guys are living it up out there! I love it!