Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Air and Space Museum - DC

We headed back into DC and took the kids to the Air and Space Museum in the city.
We really enjoyed this one, with so many hands on exhibits for the kids to play with and learn, it was an instant winner and their favorite museum so far.
The super mega sized McDonald's located inside might have swayed them a bit.

 McCall even got in on the activities once she stopped her incessant whining and crying.
The girl may end up driving me crazy at a quicker pace than I was already headed.

 Tate read just about every thing he could at the museum and patiently waited in line to participate in anything he was allowed to.
He loves learning.
I love that he loves learning.

 The space exhibit was ultra cool for these kids.
 But the infrared images are what stole their attention for the longest.
The stood in front of this laughing and gawking in amazement.
It was fun.
Gage was so enthralled but found himself at the back of the pack.
So he just climbed into someone body's stroller to get a better look.
He was mortified when he found out by a rather brusque father "asking" him to GET OUT!
First time I've seen that kids speechless!
It was a great time had by all.
We will definitely be returning back to this one.
The boys were sad to leave.

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Turbo said...

I think that museum is my favorite one. I'm sure that your boys were in heaven.