Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I just can't get over those freckles!
They are just so endearing to me.
As is this boy.
Connor is a sweet boy.
He tears up easily when others feelings are hurt.
He is thoughtful.
After I had to buy lacrosse equipment he felt badly that it cost so much.
So he brought me his money he has been saving to help off set the cost.
Sniff ...
One day a silly old girl will come and steal him from me.
Probably because of all his charm.
But I think the brown eyes might have something to do with it.
And of course,
the freckles!


Jessica Hall said...

sheesh don't make me cry! I sure do love that boy and he is the sweetest! Love you Connor!

Rach said...

Those brown eyes will get you everytime!