Thursday, March 17, 2011


This boy is nothing if not LOYAL!
He declared his undying love for this little beauty ... 2 years ago!

And he's not about to change his mind.
Time and distance will not deter him.
Other little vixens will not sway him.
He is going to marry Marin if it's the last thing he does.
He has decided on the location, even found a dress for her this past week.
They are going to have two kids.

Today his love was put to the test.
We hosted a play day at our house and there were some cute little girls there.
Gage found his new little friend Eva and grabbed her by the hand.
Asked her on a date to the hammock in the backyard.
And swung there for quite some time, chatting and laughing.
I just had to know what was being said.

They were playing pretend.
They were on a date.
Eva was pretending to be Marin, at Gage's request.
My heart melted.
I love loyalty.
I love Gage.
The two go together.


Jessica Hall said...

hahaha this boy kills me. so cute and what a good sport Eva is :) way to stay strong gage...marin will be worth it!

funnykemgirl said...

This made my day, he is so precious!

The Nielson Family said...

Oh, This made me laugh out loud! He is hilarious!!! Lucky Marin :)

Kobe Family said...

I love little kids crushes! I love that you can enjoy their crushes at this age and not worry; just go along with it! What a CHARMER!