Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring + Day off school = Smithsonian Zoo

Recently we had a VERY warm day here.
It was 80 degrees!
And a little humid after all the rain.
The kids had the day off of school so we went to the zoo.
I sometimes feel like I live in a zoo ...
But that is for another post.

Seriously it was hot!
We got a little sun burned.
But we had a lot of fun.
There were some great exhibits.
The big cats, gorillas and, surprisingly, the spider exhibits were GREAT!
We will definitely be going back.


Lauri said...

Gosh and Oh No! Gosh because the photos and fun. Oh No, because now I must have beehives like that one. Poor Jay!
Love you guys.

Jana Jensen said...

If I didn't love you I would only like you, you are having way too many cool experiences. Brag all you want, today I think a little of the snow melting, hah!

The Nielson Family said...

You guys are so fun! Your kids must worship you for all the fun things you take them to do out there :) Love all the zoo pictures and McCall looks JUST like Kennedy in that picture!

p.s. love the pic of you in that fabulous white coat! Can I borrow it sometime :)

Lia said...

Spiders!! Ewww! I bet the boys LOVED it!!