Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Last Seven Days

I don't even know where the past week has gone. If I really think about it, I need to say I don't know where the last seven months have gone. How is time flying so quickly? I guess that is just how it goes, that's how I know I'm getting old!

But this last week has been a crazy, busy - but good, one.

Here is a run down of what we have all been up to this week.

Ryan - I wish I could tell you, only I haven't had a chance to really talk to him or see him this week. He has been involved in a few small political deals recently - he may have played a rather large role in the crafting of the Cut Cap Balance Act on the Senate side - did you hear of it? It turns out it took a lot of his time, only to have it tabled by Harry Reid (insert expletives here). They continue to argue on the debt ceiling so his hours continue to be long. We have seen very little of the guy, and we miss him!

Connor - He has become quite a fish lately. After completing a month of swim lessons he has become quite a good swimmer. He would have been even better, but he spent the majority of his practice time "picking up girls" - as he put it. There was a cute blond who swam just after him, so he spent his time swimming in the lanes just to impress her, only he would stop often to see if she was still watching. Where did that come from? I have since talked to him about age appropriate activities at the pool.

Tate - This boy actually WORKED at swimming! After his lessons, instead of staring at girls and stalking innocent blonds he swam laps. He swam and swam, then swam some more. He only stopped to get a drink and rest his arms. Yesterday he swam 15 laps! He is looking forward to swim team next year, while his brother is probably looking forward to the life guards.  I love that boy and his determination.

I would like to think that both of the boys are somewhat like me. I really liked boys and I was real determined to make them like me. But instead, I think they take after their father, confident and hard working.

Gage - well Gage is up to his same old antics. He keeps me on my toes - I think I've been saying that about him for about 5 years now. Just today I took him out to do errands with me and he gave me an earful. He said, "Mom, did you know that the other kids don't like you very much? I thought you should know, they don't like you as much as I do. Do you think I should ground them from the xBox so only I can play it?"

This was followed up about a half an hour later by this little conversation. I gave him a kiss in the grocery cart, he quickly wiped it off and said, "good thing no one saw that mom or you would be arrested for kissing in public. That's illegal!"

McCall - McCall is busy being spoiled rotten. But during all of her spoiling she managed to be potty trained. I made a deal with her. I told her if she stopped using diapers that she could go to Aunt Megan's wedding and wear a pretty new dress. Apparently that's all that she needed, she will do just about anything to be a big girl. She has not had even one accident since she started, and it's been over a week. There is something about a tiny little bottom wearing little undies that is so stinking cute, add to that a little tan line and I just think she is so darned cute!

Our lives keep spinning madly on, but we are enjoying the ride.


Karli said...

I've been loving your blog posts. They are always so much fun to read. Gage is still a crack up! Congratulations to McCall on being potty trained, but even more congratulations to you! And 15 laps?!?! That's amazing! Good for you Tate!!! Miss you guys.

kguiness said...

Love those kids:)! Miss ya!

Natalie said...

I'm so impressed with McCall's potty training. OK, I guess I could give it a shot with Faith when school starts.

Breea Heiner said...

Man, between Blake and Gage I am starting to wish for a funny McCoy boy to find his way into my family (but only a little bit). Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Well that was fun to read! Your family is too cute. I wish I could find a bribe big enough so that Tanner would be potty trained. He'll be 3 in September and he seems very content at NOT being a big boy. He tells me he'll be a big boy when he's 3. I hope!