Friday, July 29, 2011

DC with Uncle Blake

While Ryan wasted his time in his office, doing who knows what, Blake, the kids and I toured a little DC.
We started with Ryan's office, but that got boring, quickly!
 So we headed to the Capitol. Which was much more interesting.
 We found Brigham Young. He was excited to see us BYU alumni.
At least that's what I think he wanted to say.
 McCall didn't like that Blake was getting in all the pictures and she wasn't.
She sat here and told me to take her picture.
 Then we picked up Ryan and headed to see some monuments.
Gage of course dominated Blake's time and attention.
He does that.

 Ryan got off the phone long enough for us to snap this shot.
But then he was back on soon enough. He was working on something - turns out.
Maybe you heard of it? More on that later.

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