Friday, July 29, 2011


We made it down to Jamestown  and loved it!
We learned so much and had so much fun.
This was the first settlement in America.
The hardships were immense, only 1 in 10 of those who sailed to what later became America lived.
It was the Indians who, in the end, saved the settlers and taught them how to survive.
Amazing people, amazing stories, amazing place.
The next time someone comes to visit us I think we take them here.
 There was an Indian village - brilliant people really.
They made the very best with what they had and lived so much more comfortably than the settlers.
They knew what they were doing!
 Here the kids learned the many uses for a deer.
They helped make a needle out of a bone, helped skin and tan a hide.
They were enthralled with the process.

 McCall was only concerned with getting her picture taken.
She had no clue what was going on.
 Gage loved the Indian huts - with the raised beds filled with furs.
He was pretty sure that Grandpa Gulbranson would LOVE the beds and could probably make his own.

 Connor was excited to find a turtle shell and learn the many uses for it.

 They were all excited to explore the ships - exact replicas of what the settlers sailed over on.
They did NOT look comfortable, roomy or exquisite.
No wonder so many didn't make it.  

 It was fun to try out all the armor.
It was heavier than they thought and not very comfy.
Turned out it wasn't the best costume.

 But then the heavy lifting began.
The boys initially filled the water buckets all the way to the top.
They quickly changed their minds as soon as the yoke was placed on their shoulders.
Much to heavy for their liking.
Even without the additional load, it was still pretty over whelming.

In the mean time, McCall continued to pose and request that her picture be taken.
We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back - but in the fall when it's cooler!

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