Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Canadian Quiz

Just for fun on Canada day we got all dressed in appropriate red and white and headed into DC.
We stopped in at Ryan's office - which just happens to be a US Senator's office.
Said office just happens to be on the Foreign Relations Committee - specifically North America.
So I thought it was a good idea to introduce the office staff to a little bit of Canada.
We brought Smarties - a Canadian candy staple.
Pecan bars - it was the closest I could get to butter tarts.
I think Nanaimo Bars will be on the menu for next year.
And I gave them the following quiz - just to see how they are doing on their
Foreign Relations Committee assignment.
They passed!

Canadian Quiz

1.  If a Canadian says they are going to Tim’s, or Timmies, where are they going?

2.  In Canada, what is The Bloc?

       a. A television show

       b. A political party

       c. Biker Gang

       d. Dance Move

3.  Canadians lowest bill is a $5. What are the one and two dollar coins called?

4.  In what sport do you have a “bonspiel”, “rocks”, brooms and a “hammer”?

5.  What is Poutine?

6.  What is a winter cap or beanie called in Canada?

7.  What is Canada’s favorite letter of the alphabet?

8.  What is Canada’s national sport? (hint there are two, one for summer and one for winter)

9.  Name 5 famous Canadians

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Jana Jensen said...

I totally got this: #1. The Whiddens #2: A LArge piece of ice you sit on and ride down grassy hills. #3: Rare (around here) #4: The sport of Mel Gès rennovations. #5 : Too Holy to make fun of ( its gooey, very tasty, yummy delicacy) #6 Vital. #7: Tea #8: Fishing ans Ice Fishing #9: Jana, Jared, Kara, Karli, Kaelen, Kyle, Garyn, Kasey, And Korlyn ( do I get 4 bonus points)