Friday, January 29, 2010

Keeping Score

I sure love all of our kids. And I can say that I love them equally.
I just wish the kids felt the same way.

Each of our kids definitely has their favorites. Sadly, it is not always me.

Let me just give you an example.

Two days ago, by some miraculous string of events (thank you grandma), I was left with just Tate and a screaming McCall while doing errands. With a few kids absent and Tate being extremely helpful and patient I decided that I would take him to Chick Fil A for a kids meal, he had earned a free coupon at school that he had been waiting to use. So we drove up to the drive through, managed to order the kids meal, with a screaming and now wailing McCall for background music. While we waited for our order, I cheerfully shouted,
"Who is your favorite mom in the world?"
Um, there's only one answer for that!
But he shouted back, without hesitation I might add, "not you, it's DAD!"
"I love Dad WAY more than I love you, he is just so awesome!"
Why do I set myself up like that? The boy adores his daddy, according to him Dad walks on water, he performs miracles, he can do no wrong. But, because I am not very intelligent, I decided that I could convince him just this once that I am the favorite. So I continued,
"Well Tate, who buys you your birthday presents and makes you your favorite cookies? Who helps you with homework and makes your meals? Who kisses your booboos and makes Lego Star Wars with you? Who takes you on bike rides and to the park? Who is taking you to Chick
Fil A right now?"
That should have done it, right?
His response, "well mom, do you remember that ONE time when dad and uncle Russell brought us dart (pronounced DAWT) guns from the dollar store? And he got me a whoopie cushion once too. That was so cool. I love Dad!"
How can a girl compete with that? A dart gun that broke within an hour of unwrapping it and whoopie cushion that has long since been popped and thrown out. I rank below those things. Not great comfort for a mother.
But I have to admit, I think his Dad is pretty awesome as well, he is my favorite person in the whole world as well, so I can't blame the kid.
He has good taste.
But for those of you keeping score, Tate is only one of 4!
Gage - LOVES his momma
McCall - loves her momma, likes her daddy
Connor - is too nice to hurt anyones feelings, so he loves everyone equally
Dad - 1
Mom - 2
Undecided - 1


McKell said...

I love you more than offense Ryan. ha ha I can already see this battle in the future for me. ha ha ps add me to your bloglist I can't remember if I gave you permission to stalk me

Rochelle and Kaelen said...

who likes uncle Kaelen?

Heidi said...

Ha ha ha...that was really funny Kara. :)

Jana Jensen said...

The Jensens have chimed in so add
1 undecided
3 kara
2 ryan
if that helps at all

Garyn said...

That is hilarious...I'd say it's a pretty even tie- Jill