Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Conversations with a four year old

I don't know what it is about this particular child, but the kid makes me laugh continually. He is witty and clever. He is funny and a cutie patootie. He charms everyone wherever we go. People are drawn to him for some strange reason. I wish I had a little more of his personality - for two reasons, then I would have a more fun personality and he would have a little less for his own good!

Here are a few recent conversations I have had with this 4 year old wonder. As in, I wonder where he comes up with this stuff!

Gage is very concerned about being the youngest boy in the family. He feels that it is unfair and that his brothers will always be older than him so he will never be able to do the things they do.

While driving to pick up kids from school we had this conversation.

"Mom, when will I be the same age as Tate?"

"Never, you will always be two years younger than Tate."

"That's not fair! I want to be the same age."

"Sorry, that's not the way it works."

~Silence as he gathers his thoughts and rebuttal~

"Well, I will be the same age when I am infinity and he is infinity, because that is the same age."

The very next day:

I was enjoying my morning shower, I had turned on Backyardigans for Gage, McCall was buckled into her high chair eating Cheerios, the older boys were at school. Everyone was so quiet I figured that I would actually have time to shave my legs. Bad decision on my part.

As I started my legs I heard the lock being picked by Gage, a common occurrence around these parts. I can't get 5 minutes alone!

Well, usually he comes in and lets me know that he is going to help himself to some sort of forbidden treat because there is nothing I can do about it. But this time he came in with camera phone in hand! He was thrilled because he had finally figured out how to use the camera on Ryan's old phone that he gave the boys. He was so excited to show me that he ran in taking pictures along the way. With me yelling to stop and him smiling and so proud of his new accomplishment.

That phone is now off limits. Sorry, the pictures have been deleted. With Ryan's up and coming political career they could not remain!

Yet another day later:

Gage and McCall and I try to get our errands done in the mornings before picking up Tate from school. This particular morning we had several errands to run and were in a hurry. We ran around trying to be quick. Gage was excited to help out with our adventures by opening all the doors using his "magic". He seems to think that he can open doors by waving his hand in front of them. Today he said,

"Wow, I have so much magic in just one little hand Mom."

I really need to start keeping a little book in my pocket at all times to record all the funny things this boy says and does. I am so grateful that I get to spend every day with the little fella, not a day goes by when I am not laughing at his antics.


The Nielson Family said...

He is sooo funny! And he knows how to pick a lock??? Wow--that's impressive :) And next time you go bathing suit shopping, at least drop Gage off at my house first! I think that's why I shop for suits online.... :)

Karli said...

Funny. Four year olds are the BEST for telling things like they are!