Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Gage!

Gage turned 4 today. I don't know if there has ever been a child who looked forward to a birthday so much as this one. For months he has told people that he is 4 years old, then winked at me, as if to say, "don't tell mom!". For weeks he has asked me, how many more days now mom? He was pretty sure that when he turned 4 he would be as big as his older brother, since for a whole month they would only be a year apart. He has planned a dozen different birthday parties, scoured magazines and toy departments to compile his birthday wish list, planned and requested about 10 different menu's. It has been quite the process, but one full of fun and anticipation.
Our little Gage is a laugh a minute. He has our whole family in stitches at any given moment with his quick wit, ready smile and crazy antics. When we aren't laughing at him we are busy shaking our heads and trying not to pull our hair out.
Gage is quick to give hugs and kisses, then turn right around and call you a sicko because you kissed him. He loves girls! His birthday guest list included five girls and two boys, his own selection! Crazy! He often has several girlfriends on the line at the same time, he doesn't care about age, grade, or family relations - any girl will do.

Gage is a huge FLIRT! He is constantly flirting any chance he gets. His new thing is winking at women, girls, anything female. Last week he "modeled" for Emilie's photography class and came face to face with 15 women wielding large cameras all pointed at him. Well, one would think a small child would be a little shy, but not our Gage. He immediately folded his arms across his chest, leaned back against the wall, cocked his hip, and winked at the paparazzi. Couple that with his little clicking noise each time he winked and it got quite hilarious. He would pose for about 2 seconds, and move to a new pose, wink, click, new pose, re-peat! After a few minutes he had to be replaced by a new "model", he was enjoying it way too much.
Gage is such a fun boy, he is headstrong and creative. He can argue his way out of anything, reason with the best of us, he has a solution for every problem. He idolizes his brothers, dotes on his sister and wants to marry his mother and be his father when he grows up. It's more than I could have asked for. I love my little boy, he brings joy into each day with laughs, hugs, giggles and mischievousness. I love you Gage.

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Gage! I love you!