Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We like Mike!

For those of you who know and love my great husband, you know what a political junky he is ... well, he has always been interested in politics and is a state delegate. He watches and listens to all sorts of political talk shows, reads books, and basically gets involved. The past 6 months he has become even more involved and one day attended a meeting with Mike Lee on the Constitution. He came home that night with a resolve to do something, to make changes, to do his part in serving this great country of ours.
Well, that was six months ago. In the meantime, he has been encouraging and nudging Mr. Mike Lee to run for the United States Senate. Today Mike Lee announced his candidacy for the United States Senate. We fully support Mike in this role and feel that he is the man for the position at this time. He announced his team to help get him there and my very own Ryan has been asked to be his campaign manager. This is huge for Ryan, it means so very much to him. I am proud of him, he is a great man - I will miss him for the next 11 months, but I whole heartedly support him.
I would encourage each of you to really take a look at the issues, get to know Mike Lee and what he stands for, see if you too agree that he should be our next United States Senator!
If you want to host an evening with Mike we would be glad to introduce you, he is a true patriot. Best wishes Mike and team!
Dan Hauser, Mike Lee, Connie Smith, Ryan McCoy
Mike Lee for Senate 2010 Campaign Staff
January 5, 2010
Utah State Capitol


Turbo said...

That's huge. Congratulations, Ryan.

Karli said...

Hmmm, for a minute there I was thinking you were talking about MY Mike. But Mike Lee's ok too. :)

The Nielson Family said...

Wow--congrats! You'd think this would make up for the whole triathlon fiasco, Ryan bettering the universe and all.... :)

Matt said...

That's great! Congratulations to Ryan and Mike Lee for announcing! I hope he wins - it would be nice to have some political connections for a change. :)

The Wakefields said...

Well small world Tell Connie Hi From us. We know her well too. Congrats!