Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The "after" party

Since dad couldn't miss work for the four year old fiesta this afternoon, we of course had to wait to open presents and have birthday cake when he was home tonight. We managed to sandwich this in between one birthday party, scouts, and meetings. Gage was thrilled with the entire day. He was pretty excited about his birthday cake.
A little bummed when he saw that it was white.
He had requested rainbow.
But when we cut into it...
A fun and successful day.
Thank you for coming into our lives Gage.
You have certainly made the last four years wonderfully amusing!


Karli said...

Haha! He looks sooooo excited. Just like I knew he would. :) Miss that kid. The cake looks great!

Turbo said...

The rainbow cake is pretty impressive. I love that first shot, with the candles lit.

The Nielson Family said...

Love the cake! Gage is the cutest--sounds like he had such a fun party too. What a cute winker :)

Jessica said...

oh! I love Gage! I wish i could have seen that face in person! sheesh.