Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Necessary Expenses

The boy is 8.
Eating us out of house and home.
Homework left at home.
Lunches forgotten.
Silliness comes standard.
More independence.

Connor LOVES cub scouts and is super prepared for each pack meeting. He rushes in the house from school, immediately gets going on homework, and actually gets it done quickly and correctly. Puts his things away without being asked. And hi-tails it to his room to get that uniform on and his manual ready. With only an hour to spare! Everything is exciting for him, getting his badges sewn on, passing off badges, getting his scarf and woggle.
If only he put forth as much effort in his classes ... maybe at 9?
But what I didn't account for is the expense. Thank goodness Grandma and Grandpa supplied the uniform shirt for his birthday. How do little badges and scarves add up to so much? I guess my flexible spending account will be tied up in scouts for the next ... never mind, I am not adding up all those years and money I have ahead of me of scouts. It's worth it right?
Love his enthusiasm for life, for everything that means something to him.
Love this boy. Wish I could duplicate him and keep him this age FOREVER!


Karli said...

He is the most responsible kid I know. Well, him and McKay. :)

The Nielson Family said...

He looks so handsome in his uniform! And I am not looking forward to all those extra expenses. I'm trying to embrace my "non-essentials" life right now....