Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Age of Accountability

My little boy is 8! So cliche to say, but where did the last 8 years go? I can't believe that it has been 8 years since he was born. Wow. I am so pleased with the little man that he is. I am so grateful that he is the older brother to our other three children.
Connor at 8:
  • Tenderhearted. A sweet and kind boy. He tears up if he feels he has disappointed someone or if you look at him cross eyed. He rarely makes fun of others and is very sensitive to others feelings, no small feet when he has me for a mother.
  • Great big brother. He always makes concessions for his brothers, dotes on his sister and is so very quick to share and give things away. He is constantly wanting to give his toys, clothes, etc to orphans around the world, donate his money to tithing and fast offerings, again, I have no idea how he developed that sweet little spirit, a testament that he came that way.
  • Silly. Is it me or are all boys this age just pure silliness? I like to call this the awkward stage, it starts about this age, not sure when it ends. Sometimes I hope it doesn't because it is really quite endearing and I love the innocence.
  • Awkward. Let's just be honest, this needs it's own bullet point. The boy is awkward, in all "cute" and innocent ways. He gets shy and weird in front of girls, especially those he thinks are cute. He used to answer questions seriously and now looks for a "funny" response, they usually don't come across correctly - I do know where he got that from.
  • Honest. Connor can't tell a lie if his life depended on it, a lot like his daddy here. A few weeks ago he "tattled" on Tate for having a secret at the dinner table. Tate fell apart, after all his secret was that a girl tried to kiss him at school and he was mortified! A few minutes later Connor started sobbing and confessed that he too had a secret and felt so badly telling Tate's that he needed to confess. After a few minutes of soul searching he was finally able to blurt out his deepest, darkest secret. He had called two kids at school a "stupid head". WOW! He was so concerned that he had really committed a serious crime. He wailed and apologized for several minutes while his dad and I tried to keep our composure.
  • Obedient. He is a rule keeper. If it is a rule he will obey it. I hope that keeps up for another 12 or so years ....
  • Lazy. Maybe not lazy, but the kid looks for shortcuts in everything, mostly homework. My least favorite part of the day is helping with homework. We butt heads, not buttheads, the entire time and it usually ends in frustration and tears (i.e. the tenderhearted trait). But in the end it gets done and we move on to one of our favorite times of the day, reading, playing games and just plain old relaxing.
  • Handsome. I know I'm his mother, but the kid really is handsome. That dark hair, with big dark eyes and freckles - oh the freckles! And did I mention dimples? Oh, the dimples. I could just snuggle and hug him all day, which he wouldn't mind because he is a snuggler.

Oh how I love my Connor. The boy who made me a mother, gave me my first mothers day, my first attempts at potty training, school, teaching how to read and play. My first sacrament presentation to laugh and cry at. My first Christmas watching in wonder at his excitement and joy. My first heart swelling, proud mother moment at parent teacher conference. My first terrifying trip to the ER, not sure what was happening with my precious boy. My first real heart break when he got hurt. My first moment of realization that I wasn't his complete universe as he left for school that first day. My first realization that I have something so very important to offer the world and the huge responsibility that was. Thank you Connor for making this beautiful experience of being a mother so completely wonderful, the task less daunting and the journey so very beautiful. I love you, forever and for always my baby you'll be.




The Nielson Family said...

Conner is the cutest kid!!! I love his personality, and I think I know where he learned all those awesome traits... :)

MamaSue said...

Kara, what a beautiful tribute to your oldest son. I am sure he will love what you wrote when he is older. Probably does even now. I sure did. Love ya