Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The "throws" of motherhood

A friend of mine recently said in passing, "you are in the throws of motherhood." As I wrestled four kids out the door at church on Sunday. Little did she know how literal that was.
As I have been thinking about that statement a lot of things have come to mind, most of them experienced within the last two weeks.
  • children "throwing" up
  • cleaning "throw" up
  • "throwing" snowballs
  • "throwing" in the towel each night at bedtime
  • "throwing" out garbage from countless school projects being brought home (as a side note, elementary schools must be the biggest money maker for loggers)
  • "throwing" dirty clothes in the hamper, then in the washer, then the dryer
  • "throwing" dinner together (pancakes tonight)
  • "throwing" tantrums and trying to deal with them and discipline them
  • "throwing" arms around each other each day to welcome the day and say goodnight
  • "throwing" clothes on and breakfast in so we can get out the door on time
  • "throwing" kids in the car and seat belts on
  • "throwing" birthday parties (okay I am slacker at this one, but we did just celebrate McCall's first birthday)

So, if the "throws" of motherhood is more of this, bring it on, I love it. I have been finding motherhood to be the most wonderful full time job ever, and I am not just saying that. I really love the stage of life we are in, I love having all day with the kids and seeing them learning and growing and still willing to snuggle, give hugs and kisses and tell me they love me. I love being in the "throws of motherhood." Thank you for that blessing and gift.


The Nielson Family said...

It's so true. And so nice to hear how wonderful it all is :) Cute blog too, by the way!

Mike Hurren said...

Pretty sure it's 'throes' rather than 'throws', but there definitely is a lot of throwing involved in parenting. For example: my boys' new favorite game is having me throw the giant exercise ball at them while they try to run past, eventually resulting in carpet burns, bleeding lips, bouts of crying & endless laughter. Good times.