Friday, December 4, 2009

McCall at One!

Wow, a year old. A whole year of fun bows and bracelets, dolly's and dresses. A year of snuggling and consoling. A year of memories and moments never to have again. A wonderful, beautiful, grateful year.
McCall has been such a fun addition to our family. We have thoroughly enjoyed having her in our home and a part of our family. The boys can't get enough of her. They have come a long way from when they found out they were getting a sister - their first comments included:

  • Connor, "well, I'm not going to touch her!"

  • Tate, "sick, I hate Barbies, I am NEVER going to play Barbies."
  • Gage, "I love pink!"

But they have all played dolls with her, they have each taken turns picking out outfits for her, including bows, bracelets, tights, shoes, matching blankets, and they love it. They all fought over who would wear the pink tie in family pictures so they could match their sister. They wake up first thing in the morning to play with her in her crib, they have been known to change diapers without being asked - not always that helpful in the end, but they want to anything they can for her. Each of them willingly gives up anything they are playing with or eating for her when she screams for it. She has them wrapped around her tiny little fingers.

McCall is a very particular little girl. She has always preferred mom or men. But the last several months her very favorite has been grandpa. He dotes on her and gives her more attention than anyone and she eats it right up, of course she can melt his heart with her quick smile and huge dimple.

She loves to play with her "baby" and swords all at the same time. She can be perfectly content playing with her stacking cups and see one of her brothers with Legos or a car and scream until she gets it. Only to drop it and go back to her cups.

She is a great sleeper and napper, for which I am very grateful. She loves to have a schedule and stick to it. She tolerates being wrestled with and bounced around by her brothers. Her least favorite thing is being told NO, something that will have to be said more and more I am afraid. She is joy and we just love the little stinker.


Anonymous said...

wow she is too cute! I love her little outfit and headband! so precious!

The Nielson Family said...

She is soooo cute! I love those pictures and I love that background!

Michelle said...

What a doll! She is adorable! I can't believe she is already one. Before you know it her and MaKenzie will be running around together. :)

Wendy said...

Awesome pictures of the cutest little girl!

Mindy Gulbranson said...

Seriously, she is so cute. I can't wait to see her. I love her outfit. The first picture is my favorite. I can't believe she is already a year old.

Jessica said...

I love all your latest posts. Your kids are so darn the pictures and Connor's President thing!

Karli said...

Kara she's too stinkin' cute! I love it! In the last one I think she looks a little like a girly Gavyn! She's adorable!

Marissa said...

Wow! You're blog is adorable! See? I stopped by...and leaving a comment! Kidding. I love the pictures and it was so gooooood to see you in Utah and tease Garin!

Turbo said...

Great photos, Kara. She is such a cutie. I can't believe that she is already 1. I like the new blog design. Reminds me of Key Lime Pie, which is my favorite dessert.