Friday, December 25, 2009

Dear Santa ...

The boys carefully planned out their treats for Santa this year. They were quite concerned that they didn't know his very favorite cookies so they opted for putting out a smorgasbord of options. They also included this bell that Connor found when we took pictures with Santa. The boys were getting into a bit of a heated discussion on whether the Santa that they had their pictures with was the real Santa or a helper Santa. They just couldn't decide. So when Connor found the bell they devised a plan to find out the truth once and for all. They would leave the bell for Santa and if he took it, then it was obviously the real Santa.
Thank goodness I was privy to their plans. Santa did indeed retrieve his bell and was even kind enough to leave them a note thanking them for returning it to him. It turns out it was one of Rudolph's bells and he had been missing it. Thank heavens it was returned!

Connor was thoughtful in his letter and made sure to let Santa know that Uncle Garyn would be there so to please leave him a few gifts, and thank you for the gifts from last year. He was so concerned with being polite and pleasing Santa that he neglected to ask for anything!
Gage had his brothers help, oddly enough I think there are only a few of those items that Gage actually wanted, the others he was tipped of on by his brothers.

Tate painstakingly wrote several letters to Santa, each one growing larger than the last. In the end he left out all three letters for him to peruse. He even, as an after thought, included a thank you on the last letter. But my favorite line is "I was good this time." Compared to last time?

When he was pleased with his letter writing he conceded to helping his little brother with his list. Gage's list looks a whole lot like Tate, just covering all his bases I think. I love Christmas with kids, it is so much more magical and I just love to see their expressions and joy in giving and receiving. Merry Christmas kids!

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