Sunday, October 7, 2012

Piano Recital

Earlier this spring our boys started piano. It was a first for each of them. The first time any of them have played any sort of musical instrument. Some embraced it (Tate), others thought they were so fantastic from the first day (Gage) and others had to be forced to practice, often through tears (Connor). They are all so very different. 

Gage was so excited to show his skills at the piano in front of a captive audience. Each student was to introduce themselves and tell the audience which pieces they would play. Gage boldly stood and introduced himself as Gage McCoy. Then added, "actually, Gage David McCoy. Middle name David, named after my uncle who died before I was born."

Not sure why he felt it necessary to let everyone know the details of his full name, but he was excited to do so, then sat down to play his pieces. He played s l o w l y, ever so slowly, all the while saying the names of the notes as he played. But he got all the notes right and took a bow at the end of his performance, pleased more with having an audience than with playing well.

Tate tackled piano the way he tackles anything, with vigor and determination. Tate practiced daily without reminder, often twice daily. He took great pride in learning piano and doing well with it. Tate was much less flamboyant than Gage, but played his pieces very well and was proud of himself for his accomplishments. 

Connor, oh Connor. He has resisted playing the piano since the first day, many times in tears. I told him he could quit as soon as he could play the hymns from the hymnbook. So after about a month of piano lessons and practices he decided to show me and prove that he could now quit. He sat down with the hymn book at the piano. After a half hour of tears and frustration he informed me that he would NEVER be able to play those songs! But as he has persisted, even with a terrible attitude, he has learned so much. 

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