Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Little Friend

These boys roam the neighborhood and come up with all kinds of traps, tricks, and shenanigans. They are a fun bunch of boys! They chase after every living creature you can think of and come in at night tired, dirty and full of bug bites and ticks. Oh the fun a boy can have outside. 
They are most often seen with a Popsicle in each hand, several dripped down their faces and shirts, on bikes and scooters. But today they spent in our back yard hunting critters. They are determined to catch a squirrel this summer and have set so many traps of duct tape, leaves, sticks, snacks, pocket knives and buckets. My back yard looks like a bomb went off in a craft store. While they never caught a squirrel they were able to catch this little turtle today and keep it entertained for the afternoon. 



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