Sunday, October 7, 2012

Farewell For Now

I figured this day would come sometime. But I wasn't looking forward to it. In fact, I tried to tell myself that things would just stay the same for so long that we would be ready to move on. But that was not to be. Our time has come to a close at the US Senate - at least for now. It is time to go back to private industry and to family and friends in Utah. The last two years have been such a great experience for all of us. We will never forget the time we have had here, the people we have met and grown to love. We will always have sweet memories and a place in our heart for these people, this city, this opportunity. Thank you Washington DC, Senator Mike Lee, Spencer, Ellen, Rick, Greg, Peter, Kate, all of you. You have made our lives more meaningful and sweet. Thank you will never be enough. 
All our love,
The McCoy's 

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