Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Capitol Fourth - 4th of July 2012

We spent another 4th of July at the Capitol and it was fun. BLISTERING hot, but fun. Grandma and Grandpa McCoy were able to meet us there and sweat our hours of sitting in the sun to enjoy the concert and fireworks at the Capitol. We met with the Lee office staff and carted in food, sandwiches, drinks, jello, cookies, rolls, brownies, ice, cheese, crackers, candies, the list goes on and on. The food was plentiful, but we carted out almost as much food out as we did in. It was just to dang hot to eat, but the drinks were gone in a hurry! I think next year we should do the 4th of July beside a pool!

 Gage and Audrey, I think that he has a different girl everywhere we go!
 Erin and her super cute boys
 The James family - we love these guys!
 The Lee family, yay, they were in town for the 4th!
 The Burr's

 Where ever Peter is, the kids and chaos are not far behind!
 Rob, Greg, and Trevor
 McCall has many crushes, but Greg is high on her list!

 Jason and Sterling

 The kids gravitate to uncle Rick
McCall is always taking advantage of having grandma around to play with her!

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