Sunday, October 7, 2012

Harper's Ferry

Harper's Ferry is full of history and natural beauty. We spent a day in Harper's Ferry with the James', Lee's, Stokes' and other office staff. It was beautiful and so much fun with all of our friends. With Eliza's help I hardly had to watch McCall, she just tagged along with the only other girl even close to her age. Thanks Eliza!

 The cannons are always a popular play ground with the kids, and with the Stokes family!

 About the only time McCall is friendly to Gage is when there is a camera out and she wants to pose for it. She is pretty fickle!
 I have a thing for men in uniform, this time though it was only because I thought it was a cool picture. It turns out that soldiers have become younger as time has gone on!

 Two of the best guys I know. I have a feeling that they will never be too far apart and constantly fighting together for freedoms and our constitution. They are kind of nerdy I guess, but I like them!

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