Thursday, April 15, 2010


Meet Mr. Theodore Roosevelt, aka Teddy, aka 26th President of the USA

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Actually, it's just Connor.

It was biography day today in his second grade and the students were to pick any person in history to learn about and then present to the class.
I gave him lots of suggestions,
he didn't like any of them.
Seriously, who doesn't like John Wayne? George Washington? Joseph Smith?
Martin Luther King Jr.?
He chose Teddy Roosevelt.
For a very good reason ...
He could finally wear his scout uniform to school.
That was his number one factor in choosing him.
Not even sure why, I don't know that he was ever in scouts, but Connor thought it would be the perfect costume.
Turns out that it was also a good excuse to watch Night at the Museum again - as he is a main character in it.
Clever boy.
Just a side note, be very careful when checking out books at the library.
Teddy Roosevelt is very close to Franklin Roosevelt.
Please remember I am a foreigner here, and I was in a hurry!
Well, turns out Ryan is not fond of FDR and I was told,
"my son is not doing a report on FDR!"
Well, my mistake was realized, our marriage was saved and Connor did a great job on his report.


Karli said...

That moustache is kinda awesome. I'm not gonna lie. Lookin' good Connor.

Lia said...

Oh how cute!! That mo is bigger than him!! I love that he's got his own opinions too.

Jessica said...

Haha so funny. love the new look for Connor. I know why he thought that uniform was perfect (probably the same reason he told me he would be wearing it on the 4th of July) because it has the American flag on it. :)

Lauri said...

That moustache had to have earned him an 'A'. It did with this great aunt.

Lisa Newman said...

He could not be cuter! I love that he wanted to wear his scout uniform to school. =)

Anna said...

Love love love the moustache! And Ryan should relax a little about FDR. :)