Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Taking over my life

At least I genuinely like this guy and believe he can make a difference in Washington. Because without that belief I might not vote for him :) Only because I feel like I have become a political widow. I literally see Ryan for few hours on Sunday and about 1/2 hour in the morning between my morning workout and his leaving for work and the campaign trail.
He returns home long after I have gone to bed, in fact, I don't' even hear him come in any more, either he is in stealth mode or I am getting to be a good sleeper.
The schedule that this campaign is keeping is insane. They are on the campaign trail 6 days of the week, stretching all across the state, trying to meet as many people as they can and share their message.
Ryan's hectic schedule has been difficult to keep up with. When he isn't campaigning, debating and running all over Utah he is on conference calls, answering emails, researching any media articles, etc about the campaign. I now know WAY more about American politics than I ever thought I would, or cared to know. But, don't tell Ryan this, I am starting to enjoy it. I think when you can see that one person really can make a difference you want to become more involved. This week involves meetings, debates, panel discussions, delegate training and fundraising in Morgan County, Weber County, Sevier County, Utah County, Salt Lake County, Rich County, Box Elder County, Davis County - I hate to admit it, but I don't even know where half of these places are. I need to go get a map ...
In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of what our family has been up to our eyeballs in, we are a shrine to Mike Lee around here, surrounded in yard signs, buttons, t-shirts, brochures, etc. Feel free to stop in and pick up your very own Mike Lee yard sign!
I like that they boys are getting into the action, they are telling friends about who to vote for, they have shared Mike's platform at school for show and tell, without my knowledge, or I would have made sure they had their talking points correct, thank goodness for understanding teachers! They wear their Mike Lee buttons with pride on their back packs, helped me transform their Red Sox shirts into I LIKE MIKE shirts for a rally. They carry brochures in their backpacks to hand out at school - is that legal? But they insist on helping Dad get Mike Lee elected. Of course this comes with a price. I am constantly answering questions from inquiring little minds - where is dad tonight? Will dad be home tonight? Is dad ever too busy for Mike Lee? Has Mike Lee won yet? The boys refer to Mike as "Mike Lee for Senate 2010", I think they believe that is his full name. We have sure missed Ryan, but he will be back home to us in the "near" future and something good, very good, will have come out of it I am sure. For now, I am getting a lot of projects done around here, sewing up a storm, reading some good books and wasting entirely too much time on the Internet.
**some of the images are from Jarvie Photography - amazing job!

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Turbo said...

You certainly are handling it better than my wife would. It looks like it has been a pretty amazing opportunity though. Definitely an amazing experience for Ryan. I'll have my fingers crossed for you guys at election time. :)