Monday, May 10, 2010

The thing about mothers ...

... I really love them, and I really need them!
I was blessed with a great mom, she taught me to work, to clean, to have faith, to be obedient, to trust in my Heavenly Father and to serve others. She also taught me to be self sufficient and that I could do anything on my own. She encouraged me to try things that I wouldn't have tried without her pushing me to attempt - student council, sports, difficult college classes, etc. I will always be grateful to her and for her. Love you Mom!
Then along came my mother-in-law. While she may want to keep it on the down low that she is related to me, okay not really, but she has always treated me just like a daughter. Loved me through all my foot in mouth moments (hard to believe, but those occur rather frequently), gently guided me with any advice I have requested, and raised a darn good boy who became my wonderful husband! Thank you Lani, so glad you are in my life and such a great example of enduring patience.

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Turbo said...

I hope that you had an awesome Mothers' Day!