Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I took Connor and Tate up to Salt Lake for the Jazz game tonight - big thanks to Lani for watching McCall and Gage for me so I could have a date with my two "big" boys. They both had tickets from playing Jr. Jazz and they happened to be on the same night - Ryan had campaigning - so I got to take them.
I won't lie, I was not looking forward to this night, traffic, late night, etc.
But, we had a GREAT time! The boys were thrilled to go and were very fun the whole night.
Tate was so completely into the game - watched every play, cheered along with the crowd, moaned when the Jazz fouled, missed a basket or had a turnover. It was quite fun to watch him. Connor - well, he enjoyed the big screen, the people walking on the beams overhead, the happy birthday song to a 100 year old woman celebrating her birthday there. Again, very different boys.
But the most fun were the converstations on the way up there.
Connor to me -
"Mom, someone in my class today asked what the definition of campaign was, and they are in 3rd grade, so I had to explain it to the whole class."

"and what did you tell them?"

"I told them that a campaign is a group of people trying to get someone elected, like my dad is Mike Lee's campaign manager so he is in charge. But not in charge of Mike. It is like in the game of war, Mike Lee is the Joker and Dad is the ace because only the joker beats the ace."

Not so sure if that is a good analogy ... but whatever works for 8 year olds. Tate understood it and thought it was awesome, he likes aces better than jokers anyway.

Tate to me - "Mom, I was going to make a dunk just like Boozer did during my Jr. Jazz game, but in the rules it says you can't in Jr. Jazz, so I didn't get to. But next year I think I will anyway."


The Nielson Family said...

hee hee :) Very cute! I love your boys knowledge of politics and I can't wait to see Tate dunk a basketball!

Kent & Beka said...

That was a great game! I took Tyse as well...Tyse and Tate should sit together- they would have a great time making up their stories of what could have been in Jr Jazz!
Are you going to give Jordan Ridge another try? Tyse would love to have Tate in his class!