Thursday, April 8, 2010

Itchy ...

Well, we were in Saint George, Brad decided to be "funny" and shave a full foo man choo - how do you even spell that kind of mustache? It was pretty hilarious and oddly gross at the same time!
We happened to be at the St. George Art Festival where there was face painting - side note - if those face painters were artists, watch out! YIKES! They really struggled with symmetry.
The boys all wanted to get mustaches like uncle Brad so they did. Then as we were leaving Tara and I decided to go back to the family with matching mustaches as well. It was quite liberating really, I felt powerful and, well, itchy! While standing in line for a scone I even got to "pet" a real mustache of a local cowboy - he offered it, insisted really and got really close to my face, so to avoid having to touch him with my own face I meekly put out a finger and gently caressed his mustache -



not my preference.

He was a senior citizen, but I think he enjoyed it, well at least Tara did as she looked on! Probably horrified at her brazen sister-in-law!

Good times.


Turbo said...

Hahahahaha Mustaches on girls and babies will always be funny.

The Nielson Family said...

That is too funny! Jer is going to love this one :)

jedginahutch said...

you've never looked better!

Karli said...

You look hot. NO, really!!! Actually, Mike shaved himself a little Fu Man Chu the other day. I liked and told him to leave it so the family could make fun of it at Easter. No one said A SINGLE WORD! What do they think of Mike? Apparently they think he's 'tacky' enough to wear one of those things FOR REAL! Whatever! :)