Thursday, April 8, 2010

100% XX Chromosone

This little girl is all girl.
I can't believe how much so.
Her favorite "toys" are her purse with old gift cards, a brush and makeup containers that she has removed all the eye shadow from. She combs her hair and anyone else who will sit still for her. She rocks her "babies" and dances when she hears music, but only if she is wearing a dress that will twirl. She loves to have flowers in her hair and look "pretty". She does her own hair by turning on the bath tub water and dipping her hand in the water, then splashing it on her hair.
Her first real word was "shoes".
She goes crazy in the doll aisle at the store.
And she loves chocolate.
I had no idea this would be so much fun.
When will the novelty wear off?

She has grandpa wrapped around her little finger!

She always has a bag or basket of some sort to accompany her.This was the chocolate she found in an Easter egg, but she wasn't thrilled with the dark, only took a nibble then discarded it while she went looking for the other.
During the Easter egg hunt she would find an egg and open it. If it was chocolate she would eat it and then find another. If it was anything else, she would set it aside and continue her search.
I just can't believe how very different she is from her brothers.
I love this little girl!


Lauri said...

Great post. I can never remember which is which when it comes to XY chromosomes. Now I will. She's so cute. And, hey, I think you look durn good first thing! St George reminded me of our good times there with you last fall. Yay! fun post.

Anna said...

I always believed that I would just have boys when I started my family, but fortunately I got Bronwyn. She and I are shopping buddies. I'm wishing she would stay out of my nail polish and make-up (she has her own play stuff), but I can tell we are going to be sharing lots of things as she gets closer to my size. She moans all the time now about being stuck in a household of BOYS! We need to go do some estrogen things together!

Tracie said...

She is precious! I have three boys and no girls but I've helped raise nieces and love them so much! They are so much fun. Great blog!