Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tooth Nabber strikes AGAIN!

When will the carnage stop? The poor child can no longer eat his apples, and corn on the cob season is fast approaching... He doesn't seem to mind, in fact I think he would do just about anything for a buck!

Does this one remind him of your grandpa?


TL said...

Oh Connor now for sure they aren't gonna let you into the gym.

Teija said...

Brooklyn's smile looks exactly the same right now! So funny! Gotta love it1

Karli said...

That's hilarious!

lusum54 said...


Kayleb's Smile is close behind, He only has one more top one to loose and he will look the same. It is loose so it sould not be long. His piggy bank is looking pretty good. Might have to dip into it for the upcoming Temple trip since the exchange rate is so great right now. :)