Monday, March 30, 2009

On Being 7

This is a fun age! Old enough to help out, young enough to still express love and kindness. Is it wrong to want him to stay like this forever?

Of course it IS nice that he can express himself through the written word, "Keep OUT, this is Evil Connor's room. Please don't come in why he's working and when you come in he will be angry." I bet you can't guess what he needs to work on in school - printing! It's the only thing he didn't get an A on.

But then this makes up for the other. "Dear Dad, I was reading Harry Potter last night and I also want to tell you something, I love you and Mom so much."
Please don't tell me at what age this stops, I don't want to hear it. I will live in ignorance and enjoy the moments we have right now. I love that Connor stays up long into the night reading and writing notes for us, all by his little book light so he won't get caught.
Fun, innocent times, please last forever.


The Nielson Family said...

That is so cute--what a sweet kid! And what a cute picture of him!

Karli said...

I love the flames on the T from the word 'out'. Hilarious!

Anna said...

Well, Owen hasn't quit expressing affection for me yet, and he does it now by sending me emails. Evan still writes notes and tapes them to his little robot that walks and then he "walks" his robot into the room I'm working in. I think it's all in their personalities. I hope it doesn't stop either!