Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Off Track School

The joys of year round school... Connor is off track now for the next three weeks. I was dreading it, but so far it has been fabulous! The kids have slept in each day, so have I! Today Connor entertained the boys ALL day long! They played...SCHOOL, of course, what else would you do when you are off school? They set themselves up little desks using their chairs in the basement as the desks. Connor taught them all sorts of great things, and even gave out awards.
Tate loved being at "school" and studied very hard. He wrote out his whole alphabet all by himself and got a gold star from Mr. Connor.

Not sure how the teacher got the desk with all the Legos, but it happened. Apparently the teacher can do whatever they want, as long as they have their students working hard!
I did get some notes sent "home" regarding Gage. One was great, the other, not so much. I guess he draws a great balloon, is quiet and hits his classmates during class.
The kids played until 2:00 when they finally consented to come up to have lunch. It was then that I was informed I was the Lunch Lady! How do you like that? Lunch Lady! Grandma Gulbranson won the role of principal and Dad was the vice-principal, and I got Lunch Lady? Tell me how that works!


Karli said...

This is hilarious! I'm glad you're documenting it. I'm afraid that Conner would have way too many notes about Walker if he were ever his teacher!

The Nielson Family said...

You should definetly be principal! But lunchlady--it's not that bad--I worked as a lunch lady once at the High school--it wasn't too humiliating! :) Plus, you get free scones...

TL said...

I love it! Your kids are so cute, maybe I should have Connor explain to Braden that you are supposed to play school when you are out of school and that you are supposed to help your little brothers not torment them. What a good kid!