Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crap Shoot

I meant to take pictures of all the kids at the wedding, so I got there two hours before the blessed event, unloaded a few props from the car, got my camera out and was ready to shoot some great pictures. We proceeded to unload the kids from the car and.....CRAP! McCall had pooped all over her beautiful new dress and we had pictures with all the family in less than an hour! What to do? We ran to the mall and got a new dress, it was the most expensive poop I have ever seen!
Pictures - Priceless! (I hope)

McCall was very uncooperative in these pictures, as soon as I pull out the camera she starts wailing! I thought girls were supposed to be different, some what more girly? I have yet to see it, except that she was smart enough to ruin one dress for the evening so she could get a second one...perhaps she is more girly than I give her credit for.


Karli said...

Your kids are hilarious. I love that each of them has such a unique smile that describes them to a "t".

Trish said...

LOL... smart little girl.
Your kids a so sweet and you take lovley photos of them.