Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blissful Day in Manti

My aunt Lauri was gracious enough to host us for a full day of fun at her adorable home in Manti. Also there were my aunts Keli and Cheri and my grandma! I was so excited to head out the door in the morning, kids in tow... We stopped at Krispy Kreme to bring a treat down for everyone. We were in the drive through when Tate yells out, "Mom, I'm going to throw up!" Hmmmm, frantic search through the car turns up a Ziploc bag, apparently all good parents carry those! (Sorry inside joke). Anyway, he filled the baggy and we were lucky enough to be close to Walmart where we purchased a lovely red bowl that will now remain in the van for other encounters such as these.
So we continued in our journey. Stopping several times to empty and rinse the magnificent red bowl. Amidst howls from McCall. We made it to Manti, still excited for our day!

I dropped Ryan off, along with his mom and dad, with my uncle Jay who was taking them on a tour of some different farming methods, I know, exhilarating! I then continued on...and on...and on. To far for my liking, so I called and got did I miss the turnoff 10 miles back? At this point, Tate was still throwing up, McCall was really screaming and I had only pulled hair out on one side of my head, I had to keep my other hand on the wheel after all.

I found the turnoff and it was then I realized that was where Tate started throwing up again, so I was turned around, while driving, and passing him the glorious red bowl again...that's how I missed it!

We showed up in all our glory, one boy packing a, you guessed it, red bowl filled with treasure. Me packing a screaming baby and Connor and Gage just happy to have arrived after asking, "are we there yet?" for about the 139th time.

HI LAURI, et al.... Thanks for having us over! Oh, can I wash this great new red bowl? Thanks again!


Anna said...

WHAT?! A party in Manti and I didn't know about it?! LAME-O. Oh well, it looks like it was successful without me - as many parties are! :) You are really super mom!

Karli said...

That's the prettiest 'puke' bowl I ever saw!

Jess McCoy said...

oh my lanta! I am so glad you had one of those plastic baggies lol. made me laugh.