Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For as long as I can remember I have loved making cookies. I have always considered myself a pretty good cookie maker. Even back when I was 10 and made a monumental mistake with basic chocolate chip cookies, I still thought I had what it took. Who knew you could mix up vanilla and maple flavoring and still have "edible" cookies. At least the construction worker bachelors thought so. Or maybe they were careful with the 10 year old ego.
Each year as our "fall fair" came around I spent some time in the kitchen coming up with some spectacular cookies to bake for the baking competition. Every year I got a second or third place ribbon. But that did not deter me! I was GOOD at making cookies, no ribbon was going to change that!
It all came crashing down today as I was quickly throwing together a batch of gingersnaps while chatting with my sister on the phone. After putting all the spices in I realized that I had put in dried mustard instead of ginger! That is not an okay substitution! And these cookies were to be taken to neighbors who are going through some tough times right now! If they weren't sick before, they certainly would be now! I had to throw out the batch and start over, this time without talking on the phone. And I always thought I was a multi tasker too!
To add to my crushing ego day, as I was mixing cornbread for dinner I had a great conversation with Tate. It went something like this -
Tate: "Mom that looks like throw up!"
Mom: "Tate, that is not very nice to say, it is cornbread and it is good."
Tate: "Sorry Mom, I meant that it looks like banana throw up."
Mom: "Oh, that is so much better. Thank you!"
I may have to find some new talents - no more baking or multi tasking.


Elena said...

mmm. . . mustard snaps. That should catch on. I still have faith in you and your baking abilities. Cornbread? Your family ate better than mine tonight. Oh, wait - I did homemade focaccia. Do I have to put a quarter in your cuss jar if I say the word focaccia?

Lia said...

I used to fancy myself a pretty good maker of Chocolate Chip cookies when I was young. I even made the mistake of putting vinegar in once instead of vanilla and didn't realize till after they were cooked. I served them anyway and told no one!! They said they were great! ooops.

Karli said...

Haha! Sounds delish. But no way as good as the chocolate chip balls we used to make as kids. Now those were tasty!

The Nielson Family said...

Like how much mustard?? Maybe you could have pulled that off.... :) My monumental mistake was using baking soda instead of baking powder--that was pretty gross. I don't think I have ever even had your cookies before...(hint hint) :)

Kobe Family said...

I never thought of cornbread looking like "banana throwup" but I think he may have something there. Mine does look a little like that too, before it's cooked of course!