Friday, April 24, 2009

Kindergarten Bound

Watch out kindergarten! Tate is on his way, he went to kindergarten orientation tonight and enjoyed himself immensely. He figures he starts regular school on Monday and now knows everything he needs to know to start AND finish his first year of school. He quickly found his good friends from the neighborhood and played with them. He was careful to pick out his own nice clothing for the event, have his hair combed and gelled. He is going to be a hoot this fall when he really does get to go.
The teachers spoke to the parents while the kids drew pictures, frosted cookies, etc. One teacher talked about separation anxiety and what we can do to help our kids through it. Hmmm...I think I won't need help with that one. Tate is pushing me away in public and ready to venture out on his own. Can't decide if that means I am a good mom or a bad mom, depends on the day!
I love you Tate and I am excited for you to start school and I think I will even miss you when you are gone.

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Jana Jensen said...

That's my boy. Hugs from Aunt Jana