Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lifelong friend

This is "Pooh Bear"

He has been a member of our family for just over 7 years now and he has been loved immensely. Connor fell in love with this little fella when he was just 3 months old and this bear hasn't left his side since.
My favorite thing about this bear is the lessons he has taught our children, and ourselves, on the power of prayer. Several years ago Connor lost this little treasure during a snow blizzard, he fell out of the car at my sister Jana's house. Russell, good old uncle Russell, dug through many a snow bank looking for him, but to no avail. Connor was devastated for a few hours, then decided he would just pray about it and Heavenly Father would send him back. This went on for three days, praying morning and night, all the while searching. Connor specifically prayed that his dad would find his bear. On the third day Ryan came home from work and went on his nightly search for all of us hiding around the house. As he entered the boys room where we were all hiding he exclaimed, "You found Pooh Bear!" Well, we hadn't found Pooh Bear so we had no idea what he was talking about, we came our from our hiding places and there was Connor's precious little bear sitting in the middle of the room, upright with his little furry arms folded.
To this day we don't know how he got there, well, on second thought, we do ... thank heavens for answered prayers. Something so small has forever blessed my child with a firm testimony of prayer.
Connor still must sleep with his little friend, he tried valiantly to give him up to his little sister a few weeks ago, but when sleep eluded him, he had to be reclaimed!


Kobe Family said...

I love those kind of lessons. Nothing beats that! What a fun story! And what great parents to keep looking for that bear after so long. My girls would only be so lucky!

Amy said...

I love that story! Thanks for sharing it!

tom said...

Thanks for your help as the courier Uncle Dave. That's FedEx Air not FedEx ground.