Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tate & Storm Lacrosse

This guy had a phenomenal season. Tate is one of the most aggressive athletes on the field at all times, the little bugger has a bit of competitiveness about him, and I love it!
Tate never gave up all season, he earned himself the nick name "Bull Dog" from his coaches, who incidentally, matched Tate's aggressive, competitive nature. I have never seen coaches for 8 year olds be so intense, but it was just what Tate needed. 

 Tate spent most of his time playing midfield or  "middie", which was perfect because he could play offense and defense. His job was to win the face off, he could get ground balls like no one else and put his little booty to use out there pushing the other kids out of the way and getting the ball. He was so much fun to watch, they won the championship with an undefeated season this year - and that was something because they were the youngest U9 team and the smallest by far.

I could really get into this sport!

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