Thursday, July 19, 2012

Congressional Family Zoo Night

Each year the National Zoo hosts a Congressional Family Night - they bring several zoo animals over to the Capitol buildings for families to see and pet and get to know them. I have very few pictures because I have a little girl that is TERRIFIED of all animals - except fish in a tank, she is pretty good with those. So I spend my night trying to console and calm down McCall and missed most of the picture taking opportunities - it was the flamingo roaming the room that really got to her, she just couldn't take it. 
But the boys, they were in heaven! All sorts of animals that they got to pet, hold and adore. They had a wonderful time. They were able to see aardvarks, fox, snakes, owls, kangaroos, reptiles and oh, so much more! It was fantastic!

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Elena said...

I would have shuddered at the owl. Don't love those creepy things. Did I ever tell you about the time I chased down an armadillo? That's about the extent of the story. But, still- who can say they've chased down an armadillo?
Looks like you had a great time.:)