Saturday, July 14, 2012

Connor & Storm Lacrosse

This boy loves lacrosse. When we first moved to Virginia I wanted to get the boys involved in something right away so that they could make friends and get a little confidence. I had them choose. They immediately chose lacrosse, I'm sure due to the fact that our landlord left two lacrosse sticks in the basement and told the boys that they could have them. So with their antiquated sticks they signed up for lacrosse, not knowing a single rule, never having watched a single game and they loved it.
Connor became so much more aggressive in this sport than any other, perhaps being covered in padding and gear gives a boy a little more feeling of protection

Connor played most positions this year, but his favorite and the one he excelled at most was attack - he loved it and did so very well. Here's to many more lacrosse seasons, only in the west for awhile!

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