Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alive & Well & Oh So Far Behind

I hope this picture looks like a friendly apology for being so useless as a blogger, because really, I am sorry :)
Yes, yes, we are alive and well. But it has been much too long since I last blogged, not for lack of things to post or document or record. Quite the opposite really. I feel like my life has been taken over by - well, life. We have immense changes happening - some we are in the midst of, others to fall upon us shortly. So where to begin? The task of keeping up is becoming overwhelming - but it will be conquered, I just won't make any promises to when.
But in a nutshell, here are some posts that you are likely to see here in a fairly timely manner.

  • 2012 Lacrosse for Connor & Tate
  • 2012 Soccer for Gage
  • Congressional Night with the Zoo
  • 2012 Boys Piano Recital 
  • Turtle Capturing Escapades from our back yard
  • Capitol Photo Shoot - gone awry, but what the heck!
  • Connor receiving top academic award for 4th grade
  • Delaware Beach excursion
  • Cub Scout Day Camp for Connor & Tate
  • Ryan's Senate Farewell - that's right sad day for us
  • Upcoming move to Utah (early November)
  • Visit to Antietam and Harpers Ferry
  • 4th of July
  • East Coast Excursion #1
  • Niagara Falls
Now to find all the pictures from phone, to camera, to who knows where. Organization has not been my friend for the past several months. We are in a state of perpetual motion around these parts. With school ending, a move impending, a job change, several trips between here and there I am on the verge of choosing not to be so OCD!  
There is so much to do before we leave in November that I feel like we cannot miss out on that we are running here and there and everywhere trying to soak it all in. As I type this I am in a hotel room in upstate New York, touring the East Coast with the family. It is the first vacation that Ryan and I can ever remember taking that we are completely on our own as a family - no one waiting for us, no one to meet up with and absolutely no expectations. We make hotel reservations as we drive, we have been choosing what to do as we drive down the highway and see something interesting, it has been heaven. Perhaps when I return I will feel rested and rejuvenated and ready to tackle some projects - but maybe not! If the kids continue sleeping in I may even get a start on it this morning, or I may eat a doughnut and snuggle back up in bed, ahhhh, vacation!

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TL said...

like like like (if this were fb ha ha) Sounds like so much fun and kinda what we did with the older 2 boys on our way home from Wisconsin picking up the van. I loved it! Can't wait to have you all back!