Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No School

The school district had a teacher work day last week and we decided to take the morning and visit the Air & Space Museum near our house and use up our IMAX tickets we had been holding on to for quite some time. We went to watch Fighter Pilots. The boys were excited, the girls questioned whey there were not princesses in the movie. I now have at least two boys who want to fly fighter jets. 

 The boys were all enthralled with this exhibit, it had several artifacts that were used during the Vietnam war. But this is what they were all interested in ...
The "doggy doo" transmitter. That's right, a transmitter that is camouflaged to look like doggy doo, no one would suspect a transmitter encased in dog poop so apparently it was quite effective. Of all the awesome planes, spaceships, etc the museum had to offer, this was the most popular item, and probably the smallest in the entire museum.

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