Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Double Digits for Connor

This boy is 10 - not that I needed to tell you, I think you can tell by how cool he is in all his pictures. For some reason when a boy is double digits they feel the need to make silly faces and act cool for all pictures taken of themselves. Oh how fun our birthday photo shoot is going to be. 

For the third year in a row Ryan was out of town for Connor's birthday. But he was the cool dad who took the boys and a few of Connor's friends to play laser tag before heading out of town. 
Connor vacillates between thinking he is pretty darn awesome at everything and feeling like he isn't good at anything. Thankfully he spends more time feeling he is awesome. 
He is super helpful around the house and begs me to be able to babysit. On a few occasions we have been leaving him to tend the kids while we do a few errands and we come home to find the house clean and the kids peacefully playing together, what a nice break!
Connor continues to be a great student, earning top grades in everything. He loves sports and begs us to sign him up for tackle football. I suppose it is time. He is growing up much to quickly for my liking. 
Happy birthday Connor, we sure do love you. 

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