Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gage is SIX

My little buddy is growing up. Gage is the boy who loves to be with his mom, he constantly wants to snuggle with me, read to me, generally just hang out with me. But with school, he has really started to grow up and thinks that he is getting to big for me. It's a sad day when that happens. 
I took him to lunch for his birthday and when I asked him to hold my hand to cross the road he replied, "Mom, I'm a big boy now and to old for that. I think I've got this."
I think I'll be hearing more and more of that from my little man. But he always follows up with hugs and kisses, although I know that he will soon think he is to big for that to. 
I love this little big boy. 

 I thought I'd make fun cupcakes for his birthday in lieu of a cake. When I unveiled my creation to him, thinking he would jump for joy, he simply said, "Oh, those look neat. I was hoping they would be Pokemon." WHAT? Seriously?

We love our Gage and all his great qualities. He is a genuinely funny kid with charm and personality, he gets everyone under his spell somehow and gets favors from all. But he is one loyal guy, he is loyal to the end.
We love you Gage.

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Rach said...

You are AMAZING! Love the cupcakes! Tay's birthday is coming up...may have to "borrow" the idea. Miss you! Hope all is well!